Cavanna S.p.a.

Packaging system for biscuits in piles

Cavanna Packaging Group is going to exhibit at Interpack a wide variety of machinery and new plant, which represent innovation and improvement in the packaging market. At our booth, you can see for the entire exhibition period:

- Packaging system for biscuits in piles, by means of an automatic loading system that includes several channels which can be enabled or disabled, through electronic controls, to obtain the number of biscuits per piles requested, allowing for great flexibility in pile configuration. This loading system (ESP) also guarantees safe product handling as it is programmed to take one biscuit at a time, thereby reaching high efficiency levels and is also manageable online directly from the operator interface. Two Slim wrapping machines, called Twin Slim, are connected upstream to the loader and downstream to the G41F robot. It’s immediately evident that particular attention was given to saving space and to complete accessibility of the operator during maintenance activities. The wrapped piles (packs), exiting from Twin Slim, are directly connected to G41F robotic unit, with a new carbon made arm, which fills RSC cases. G41 is a flexible unit that can be arranged as per customer request based on a combination of the three integrated modules (Erecting, Filling and Closing).

Exhibitor Data Sheet