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Paper production: core board with FSC Recycling Seal

Environmentally compatible raw materials, sustainable forestry – customers of Carl Macher can be sure to receive environmentally friendly paper products. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) attests Macher to be the first European paper producer solely manufacturing core board, who complies with the ecological standards of FSC.

Ecological production

Energy generation and consumption of the plant in Brunnenthal are clearly below average in the industry. In addition, the plant has a two-stage waste water treatment system. Carl Macher manufactures core board which is made exclusively of waste paper and is not only FSC certified but also in accordance with the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001, energy management standard DIN EN 50001 and quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

Exchange of experiences

Carl Macher is part of the Kunert Group and mainly supplies its products to the paper core manufacturer Paul & Co, also part of the Kunert Group. A clear advantage for all customers: The experience gained from the production of paper cores within the Group flows directly into the production of core board in the form of quality optimisation.

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