Food: Packaging against waste

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New recyclable PA/PE film is also suitable for convenience foods. (Image: allvac)

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The demand for film stretching lines to produce films with bi-axial orientation from polyamide is increasing. (Image: Brückner Maschinenbau)

Consumers want more solutions that "reduce, reuse, recycle”. (Image: Greiner Packaging)

The adapted protective atmosphere inside the packaging maintains the quality of fruit for a longer time. (Image: BASF)

All Syntegon machines used for packaging food have recently been made able to also process sustainable materials. (Image: Syntegon)

With the 3D printer Partbox, manufacturers can produce tools and spare parts on their own premises. (Image: Schubert)

Crisp and clear: QR code applied by laser to a compostable film. (Image: Domino Germany)

A new filter for bacteria made by SMC Deutschland drastically reduces contamination. (Image: SMC Germany)