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Product care and cost attentiveness: Pavan present new high-capacity (2,400 kg/h) heat treatment lines for fresh filled pasta products.

In response to several requests for heat treatment equipment that ensures optimal product care and efficient pasteurization, the Pavan Group have developed and manufactured new high-efficiency and high-capacity production lines.

Their new heat treatment system has an output capacity of 2,400 kg per hour (this figure applies to 27-g double-sheet ravioli). It has been designed so as to rule out rheological alterations to the product during the processing of thin-sheet pasta with a soft (approx. 60%) filling.

The quality of the production process is enhanced by the highly competitive levels of energy efficiency of the equipment.

A 50% reduction in steam consumption is achieved thanks to the following features: design of the pasteurization chamber; a flow meter which regulates steam flow (this allows for optimal steam use according to the type and quantity of product); radiant plates with closed steam circuit; extractor hoods with heat-insulating and metal-detectable curtains.

In the pre-dryer and in the newly-designed cooler (characterized by a separation between machinery and end product compartments), a lapping ventilation system is used: thanks to the significantly higher air speed, this system makes it possible to maximise the effect on the end product.

The sealing and fastening of doors have also been redesigned so as to improve thermal insulation.

Since all the machinery of the new HE line has been designed for easy inspection and sanitation, the personnel costs resulting from the need to maintain and clean the equipment have been substantially reduced.

For easier access and inside cleaning, the conveyor belt of the pasteurizer can be lifted automatically together with the lid. Stainless steel valves, washable and foam-proof engines and sensors are additional features that allow for a thorough, efficient, and fast cleaning of all the internal components.

From a methodological point of view, the focus of Pavan's approach is on identifying and ensuring the best industrial solution in order to maximise investment returns.

Once the desired characteristics of the end product (i.e. recipes, fillings, shelf life, etc.) have been specified in the initial (technical and technological) phase of the project, one can move on to the next stage which consists in deciding which components to include. Finally, there is a costing phase: it takes the form of a specific business plan during which energy consumption, costs, and investment returns are estimated.

Each order is assigned to a specific project manager who supervises and coordinates the various implementation stages so as to make sure that the project is in line with the agreed specifications and on schedule.

After delivery and installation, there is a start-up phase which involves a rigorous training of operators as well as round-the-clock after-sales support (including remote online guidance).

Thanks to technical features, technological innovation, and a consolidated methodology, Pavan can offer their customers the best returns on their machinery investment.

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