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Romaco Kilian Event, May 8, 2014, 5.30 p.m. Exploiting technologies and going beyond …

What have the pharmaceutical industry and motor sports got in common? They both rely on innovative technologies. Yet it takes more than that to become a champion and remain one: Exploiting technologies and going beyond! At the end of the day you'll only keep the pole position if you're careful not to squander your lead and concentrate on delivering optimal performance based on a crafted strategy throughout the race.

Romaco Kilian Event, May 8, 2014

“Exploiting technologies and going beyond…”

Kilian Tableting GmbH, Scarletallee 11, Cologne, Germany

You are invited to join us from 5.30 p.m. The evening will kick off with three entertaining talks, followed by a sumptuous banquet and a few interesting surprises…

Special guest: Jutta Kleinschmidt, racing driver and winner of the Dakar Rally

Transport from Dusseldorf Exhibition Grounds to Kilian Tableting and back again will be provided

The Romaco Kilian Shuttle Service will depart from the bus stop at the East Entrance between 4 and 5.30 p.m.

The event is free of charge! To register, simply send an e-mail to:

Attendees will be treated to some exciting talks and presentations spanning topics such as process optimisation, teamwork and failure management – from very different perspectives. The speakers will be as follows:

Paulo Alexandre, CEO Romaco Group, on “Exploiting technologies and going beyond – a new strategic approach for Romaco as a long-term partner of the pharmaceutical industry“

Paulo Alexandre will talk about the future trends identified by Romaco in the pharmaceutical industry and describe how the Romaco Group is developing new strategies to address these challenges.

Philippe Cappuyns, Global Technical Services, Janssen Supply Chain, Unit of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Johnson & Johnson, on “The latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry“

The pharmaceutical industry is regularly confronted with new requirements in areas like quality by design, PAT and process validation. Customers need greater flexibility and novel ideas to help them master the challenges of personalised medicine. At the same time there is a demand for improved brand protection as well as methods for restricting parallel imports. Philippe Cappuyns will discuss how technological innovations, a long-term sustainable vision and operational strategy and structured, disciplined project management can be applied to bring the pharmaceutical industry into line with tomorrow's world.

Keynote Speaker: Jutta Kleinschmidt, Racing Driver

The only woman to have won the Dakar Rally

There can't be many people who personify the motto “Exploiting technologies and going beyond…“ better than Jutta Kleinschmidt. When she begins to tell her story, it is very soon obvious that a cross-country rally like Dakar can only be won if the technology is backed up by personal commitment and supreme endurance. Her presentation will explain the importance of efficient interaction between individual responsibility, empowerment and teamwork at all stages of the race from start to finish.

Live presentation of the complete Romaco Kilian product portfolio

The main highlight of the event will be a presentation of almost every product in the current Romaco Kilian portfolio, including several world firsts. Amongst other things, the newest generation of the KTP 420X high speed tablet press, which has won the iF Award 2014 for innovative design, will make its début. The KTP 420X impresses with high uptime, strict hygienic compliance and a new and even more intuitive HMI. STYL’ONE, the single-stroke tablet press for laboratory applications, will be demonstrated for the first time with a concept study of process analytical technology (PAT). The patented measuring sensor in the pressing tool allows tablet quality data to be gathered in-line as the products are pressed. The significantly shorter times to market when developing new tablet formulations are a great advantage for users.

The Romaco effervescent application, a solution for producing and packing effervescent tablets – from a single source, with a single contact and with worldwide service – comprised of Romaco's Kilian, Siebler and Promatic brands, can also be experienced live in action.

It's the whole package that counts!

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