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Safety F1rst

This unique multi-layer label makes blister packs childproof thanks to mechanical and logical barrier levels.

There are 200,000 cases of accidental poisoning involving young children every year in Germany, with around 60% caused by medication. 15,000 children require medical treatment, sometimes as inpatients. 90% of these accidents involve young children between the ages of ten months and 4.5 years (Institut VerpackungsMarktforschung).

In a household environment, children often playfully imitate adults who they see taking pills. However, pills and candy are indistinguishable to small children in particular.

Melsungen-based specialist printing firm Faubel has addressed this problem of loose medication presenting a hazard to young children, and has proactively carried out intensive research to develop a labeling concept for standard blister packs which is both childproof and senior-friendly. The CRSF Label from Faubel offers an effective way of making pharmaceutical blister packs childproof during downstream processing, yet still guarantees packaging that is senior-friendly. It can be applied manually or by machine.

Childproof and senior-friendly

The multi-layer label features more than six barriers that must be negotiated to obtain just one pill. Opening the pack requires strength, dexterity, logic and patience, and is an impossible challenge for children under four years of age. The CRSF Label is certified to DIN EN 134375 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20 (F1) standards, and so meets the highest possible safety requirements. Adults, including seniors, are able to open the packaging thanks to their cognitive and motor skills.

‘Meet the Experts’ day at interpack

Faubel has invited the CEO of the Braunschweig-based Institut VerpackungsMarktforschung (ivm), Dr. Rolf Abelmann, to this year’s interpack for a ‘meet the experts’ day. On May 12, visitors to the Faubel booth (C 15 in hall 7a) can find out about childproof pharmaceutical packaging, its requirements and certification from Dr. Rolf Abelmann.

The ivm has been providing services as a packaging and market research institute since 1975, by investigating how consumers interact with packaging. Testing and certifying childproof packaging is a particular specialty. The ivm is one of the few internationally accredited institutes recognized by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA.

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