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Tekni-plex analyze the barrier quality of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging using WVTR and OTR instruments

Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Tekni-plex analyze new materials for their required moisture and oxygen barrier properties using Systech Illinois' leading permeation instruments 7001 Oxygen Permeation Analyser.

Since 1967 Tekni-Plex, Inc, has provided solutions for innovative packaging and tubing products. For their clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the company has specialized in the development and manufacture of blister films offering superior barrier against ingress and egress of moisture and oxygen.

In 2011 Tekni-Plex set up a Global Technology Center in Holland, Ohio, where new materials are developed and can be tested on-site for their product characteristics such as moisture and oxygen barrier.

The primary product family consists of laminations of PVC, polyester, or other polymer webs laminated to PCTFE (Aclar® or VapoShield™) films. Depending on their exact structure, these blister films are available in a wide range from low to very high moisture and, or oxygen barrier properties to protect the sensitive contents, such as tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders.

The films offer excellent sealability and a high level of machinability as they can be easily incorporated into standard form-fill-seal packaging lines.

To analyze these laminates for their required moisture and oxygen barrier, Tekni-Plex have chosen Systech Illinois’ leading water vapour and oxygen permeation instruments. For example, testing using the Systech 7001 ensures that the blister packages have the high barrier quality for applications where low moisture permeation rates need to be achieved.

Phil Bourgeois, Vice President, Global Technology & Regulatory Affairs at Tekni-Plex, says, “After reviewing the variety of barrier measurement instruments available in the market that could meet our needs, we chose Systech Illinois for the precision of their measurement capabilities across a wide range of temperatures and relative humidities that were germane to our market and development needs. We have been extremely pleased with not only the quality of the instruments but also with their relative ease of use and the great level of technical support that is provided."

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