Transpak Equipment Corp.

The 5 Must-Dos When Visiting at Transpak Stand!

Whether you're our existing customer or a potential newcomer, there are several details to review before making plans for your visit. We are very pleased to make a list for your checking in advance!

1. Holding your breath for the fascinating stand!
Over hundred times of reviews, changes, discussions and finals, the interior decoration for our biggest ever stand is worth a stop.

2. Checking out the newbies
The gathering of TP-702 Mercury Series includes both originals and new machines -- TP-702CQ and TP-702YAM will show their new faces at the show for the first time ever. Come and say hello to them!

3. Meeting and talking with Us
This definitely ranks at the top during your visit. We will wait there for your popup. It is always so many to talk but so little time! Show up and enjoy our coffee!

4. Grabbing One TP-702 Mercury Series Book
We will unreservedly distribute our NEW TP-702 Mercury Series Book during the event. It covers ALL TP-702 Mercury Series in details. Be quick before it is gone!

5. Greeting with TRANSPAK Team
We will have a total of 15 people getting together for interpack 2014. It is hardly having another chance to see us in such a big group. Embrace our grins and passions HERE at interpack 2014!


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