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Cardboard packaging


Baked goods are increasingly being packaged in stand up pouches


Within the past years, manufacturers of grain products such as bread and muesli have switched from conventional bag-in-box options to flexible pouches, also known as stand up pouches or stand up bags. In addition, the number of bio-based and biodegradable materials such as paper, cardboard and bioplastics used for packaging has steadily increased in the baked goods industry.
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Bread and pastry are optimally protected against temperature fluctuations, moisture and dehydration thanks to the right packaging. Photo: Lieken AG

Every year Germany produces 1.7 million tons of bread and pastry for the bin


In Germany alone some 1.7 million tons of bread and pastry go to waste every year, says a current WWF study. Innovative ideas for secondary use and optimal packaging can help to prevent food loss.
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Rice Krispies Treats Snacks in the United States with special love notes added in Braille. Photo: Kellogg Company

Braille on personalised Kellogg’s packaging


Braille has been an EU-wide requirement for pharmaceutical packaging for over a decade now. However, when it comes to bakery products, it is still quite rare. Kellogg’s are now going to change this – with stickers for personal messages in Braille.
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Modern systems boast user-friendly and smart technology that ensures smooth cookie production tuned to current market trends. Photo: Bosch Packaging

Modern Machines for Cookies and Crackers


Is there anything better than watching a thriller or football match on your goggle box while nibbling crisps, crackers or cookies on your couch? But these crispy tit bits are also very popular pre-packed snacks between meals when you are on the go. Modern machines are capable of reacting to various needs flexibly and in line with demand while still being profitable at the same time.
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Good packaging doesn't just protect the product, it's also the best ambassador for the brand.  Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

EUR 5 million for a cereal box


What’s the real value of a cereal box? If it’s a branded product, the supermarket price is about three euros (£2.50). Now experts are telling us that it’s worth five million euros. How can that be?
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The market for flexible packaging is also expected to continue growing worldwide. Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

Upward Trend for Packaging Industry Worldwide


The figures for last year are now out and the German packaging industry can look back positively on the year: both output and turnover were up and the sector of industry also posts general growth on a global scale.
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Advertisement: Handling of packaging materials and foodstuffs


Whether you want to palletize or de-palletize products, handle flexible and rigid packages or transport heavy loads, our suction cups, vacuum generators and tube lifters will provide valuable support.
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Fat-resistant materials offer quality protection when packaging bakery goods. Photo: Weber Verpackungen.

No-Mess Snacking thanks to the Right Packaging


Only a quarter of bakery products are still consumed at home. This means demand for practical packaging for food on the go is high.
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Liekens’ “Mampfred” packaging taps into an emotional vein and is fun for kids. Photo: Christoph Petersen Design

Packaging – Suitable for Children


With gaudy colours, big letters and funny characters packaging for muesli and the like can become a fun factor especially for kids while promoting health-conscious nutrition among this young target group at the same time.
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It squares up nicely: the square multipurpose solution for snacks and similar products


The rising demand for new packaging formats and the resulting increase in product diversity have led to a wide spectrum of innovative packaging solutions. The Square Can – a newcomer on the market – is a multipurpose can with a hinged lid. It is ideally suited for crisps and numerous other products, while also offering clear benefits in terms of storage and transport.
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