Glowing glass bottles in production

Glass melting technology is to be converted to use renewable energies. Image: Vetropack

Less material and more green energy: The glass industry is becoming more sustainable

Climate-neutral lightweight glass bottle

green wine bottle without a label

The Eco2Bottle is made of mainly recycled glass and weighs around 20 percent less than conventional wine bottles. Image: Wiegand-Glas

Reusable bottle made of thermally hardened lightweight glass

brown glass bottles on a conveyor belt

The carbon emissions of an Echovai bottle are only a mere quarter of those of the standard 0.33-litre reusable bottle. Image: Vetropack

two brown glass bottles

The 0.33-litre reusable pool bottles made of Echovai lightweight glass are made available to the entire Austrian brewery sector. Image: Vetropack

Glass manufacturing to become climate-neutral