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When customers are king: personalised products with a batch size of 1 are increasingly demanded by consumers.

Mass products as one-off pieces?


Micro batches up to a batch size of 1 in one filling line – is this feasible efficiently and successfully? A new technology is said to make this possible now and generate high returns on investment as well as short time-to-market processes.
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19 villains can be brought to life with Augmented Reality on the labels of 19 Crimes wine bottles. Photo: 19 Crimes

Brought to Life


Competition on the wine shelf is keen. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise in times of digitalization when wine bottles start talking all of a sudden.
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A T-shirt made of 200,000 used plastic bottles recently broke the world record. Photo: Plastindia.

200,000 Bottles for a T-Shirt


Shopping with a good conscience – yes, it does exist. More and more fashion labels are looking to recycling and making stylish clothing out of old plastic bottles. Even Hollywood is taken by this trend and a world record has been broken.
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Disposable or refillable? Most Germans are still unsure. Photo: Source: /

Deposits for drink bottles – yes or no?


What do you do with a drink bottle when you’re finished with it? The issue of disposal is solved differently in each country. For many decades Germany has had a system of refillable bottles, yet many consumers are still confused.
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The most widespread reason why millennials recycle so rarely is their lack of knowledge. So it follows that information needs to be provided. Photo: fu zhichao,

Millennials not keen on recycling


Contrary to widespread belief, a recent poll has shown that millennials aren’t all that keen on recycling. Still, they’re quite environment-conscious, and they’re prepared to dig a bit deeper into their pockets for sustainably manufactured products.
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By 2020 bottles for water are expected to post the fastest growth of all packaged products. Photo: George Becker /

More Bottled Water


The market for packaging is growing. Studies show that this growth will especially benefit the food packaging segment and flexible plastics as well as bottles, in particular. Here the sustained trend towards health-conscious products is expected to cause an increase above all in water bottles.
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Nitro Coffee on tap... Photograph: Starbucks

Cold coffee – but perfectly fresh


A nice cup of coffee doesn’t always have to come freshly brewed in a mug, but can sometimes also be served in a plastic cup – or it can even come from a can.
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Lightweight PET bottles score very highly, thanks to their minimum use of resources. This pays off well, both for the environment and financially. Photograph: KHS

The lightest bottle in the world


Packaging needs to be robust – and light. This also applies to drinks bottles – for instance PET bottles.
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Beer brewer Heineken even offers a packaging concept that keeps 18 bottles of beer cold in a carton for as long as six hours. Photo: Heineken

Warm beer a thing of the past


Packaging concepts with integrated ice packs and handy single-serve sizes make for the right refreshment on hot days and while out and about.
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Sugar-free soda cubes with super-food extracts for health and well-being.

Flavoured water


Health, sustainability and inventiveness are key for these two novel packaging solutions for flavoured drinking water.
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