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To sell high-quality spirits, the value of the brand is often communicated by the shape, colour and finishing, such as embossing and engraving. Photograph: O-I

Rocking for Rocker Spirits


Innovative bottle design takes the consumer on a time journey.
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Photo: Empty crown cork © Marco2811/

Crowned with Success


It was a pioneering patent for the global drinks industry when the cork bottle stopper became the crown cork! It is now exactly 125 years ago that this popular bottle closure was invented in America. And it has lost none of its popularity even today.
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Juices and juice-based drinks must be treated with gentleness and must be bottled in a hygienically superior environment. Photo: Valensina



Originally PET bottles were above all intended for carbonated beverages. Recently, however, we have seen a steady increase in PET-bottled fruit juices.
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Innovative developments increase the benefits of PET bottles.

New product solution for PET bottles


There has been a steady increase in the sale of PET bottles, partly because of their benefits in terms of transport and waste disposal. Also, innovative manufacturing methods have made such bottles more flexible to handle and have reduced their carbon footprint.
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Qbo gives its fan community a feel-good warranty at its own stores and offers the fulfilment of special preferences via an app. Photo: Qbo Coffee GmbH

The die is cast


We can do things differently – this was the motto of the Tchibo Group when it launched a new coffee capsule system, called Qbo. Instead of being cylindrical, the coffee machine capsules are cuboid in shape.
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In the food and drinks industry glass is an important packaging material. Photo: GADV

Industry with Perspective


Purity, multi-use, recycling – these attributes generally associated with glass packaging paint a positive picture for the sector. The economic outlook for the container glass industry is positive.
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The summer version for “shakes-to-go” at the beach features the original striped ice-cream look of the Devondale brand. Photo: Devondale

Shake it up


There is nothing better than cool, creamy milk shakes for that in-between refreshment on a hot summer’s day. For the corresponding “high-spirits” kick designers have now come up with particularly striking cups.
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What’s going wrong here? Correct: the can opening is on the bottom. This special packaging with a “twist” was the idea of Paris agency BETC.

Shaken not stirred


With a simple trick the new packaging of the widely popular Orangina orangeade amazes everyone.
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Pantone 484 is known as Coke red and protected. For a special edition of nail varnish OPI was granted the right to use this tone. Photo: OPI

One Family – One Brand


It has been on the market for one hundred years now. The Coca-Cola bottle is considered a milestone in packaging design and even made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. After going through numerous brand appearances of its sub-brands a “One-Brand Strategy” is hoped to convince consumers.
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The sales of wine in plastic bottles are rising. © Bronco Wine Co.

Packaging trends in the wine segment - Plastic bottles ever more popular


0.75 l glass bottles used to be a must – with natural corks and classy labels. Wherever wine was served in higher volumes, with plastic corks or from coated plastics its quality was still doomed to get a scathing judgment time and again. Over time, however, the number of supporters for wine from plastic packaging has grown.
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