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Direct printing instead of paper labels


The Belgian brewery Martens has decided to do without paper labels on the packaging of its own special Pilsner beer. Its new direct printing process has been developed in collaboration with KHS GmbH which, together with NMP Systems and Danone Waters, is also currently marketing another global innovation, known as Nature MultiPack™.
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PEF – 100% natural, 100% recycled, 100 % material benefits


Sustainability is an issue which has occupied the packaging industry for a long time now. Again and again attention has focused on the use of renewable raw materials in the production of plastics. Recent research has delivered innovative plant-based materials with outstanding properties.
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The detailed finish of the “Holzkiste Rustikal” wine crate gives it an inimitably rustic look and feel. © Karl Knauer KG

Emotionalise with Novel Materials and Finishes


Packaging and marketing experts know that shoppers like to be emotionalised. Especially when it comes to luxury products like wine, first impressions really count.
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Anniversary bottles at Lufthansa


60 years of Lufthansa – To commemorate its anniversary, the airline launched a special Warsteiner birthday beer in a limited edition as well as a premium range of six Lufthansa Cocktails.
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Pomp and Circumstance for an “Old Lady”


She may be 60 years old now but with her gentle curves she still is in perfect shape. We are talking about Fanta’s classic-edition bottle, which was recently declared Packaging of the Year by the German Packaging Museum.
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Germans drink an average of 164 litres of coffee. © rbielawski /

Coffee to go – sustainable packaging ideas


It’s something that happens quite frequently: no time for breakfast, so a quick stopover at the petrol station will have to do for an early morning coffee that’ll kickstart the day. It’s very common in Germany, and a recent ARAL study found that over two thirds of all Germans regularly treat themselves to a cup of coffee while travelling.
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We proudly present: 80 years of beverage cans


The beverage can is turning 80 and is as popular as ever – one more reason to feature it as the highlight in our series “Number of the Month”.
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Production line at Truef Fruits

Honesty in bottles.


Innovation in the beverage industry. true fruits and disposable bottles with additional usage: One’s own upcycling line
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Ideal Packaging Material: Corrugated Cardboard


In the first half of this year, the corrugated cardboard sector recorded an increase in sales of 2.3 percent compared to 2014. These positive turnover figures result from more orders received via the Internet, as well as from new packaging methods for drinks.
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A hit among kids: Colourful drinks packaging


The packaging of children’s drinks has its own rules. It should be portioned as required, easy to take along and open, and above all brightly coloured. As if that were not enough, yet another requirement has to be met: The drink contained must be organic!
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