Solero ice cream packaging

In the United Kingdom, Unilever is currently testing a multipack packaging in which, thanks to integrated compartments and a thin barrier layer on the cardboard box, the ice cream lollies no longer have to be individually packaged. Photo: Langnese

Ice cream trends 2019: Innovative and sustainable ice cream packaging

Increasing sales of ice cream worldwide

Tropical Sling ice cream packaging and hand

Sales of packaged ice cream are expected to increase worldwide. Photo: ZSun Fu on Unsplash

Ice cream packaging made of cardboard - Unilever tests new packaging

Recyclable ice cream packaging from Häagen-Dazs  

Häagen-Dazs ice cream packaging with strawberries.

In New York, Häagen-Dazs ice cream will be delivered and collected in returnable metal containers by Terracycle service provider "Loop" from mid-2019 onwards. Photo: Loop

Ice cream any time and anywhere

Ice cream trends in Germany  

Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups

Healthy ice cream in a cup. The vegan trend has also reached the sweet cold treat. Photo: Ben & Jerry's

Intelligent packaging for private households

Langnese summer records:

Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups

Classic one-litre packaging is facing competition from smaller packaging with capacities of up to 500 millilitres. Photo: Ben & Jerry's

Renewable cardboard for ice cream cups

White ice cream cup by Stora Enso

Stora Enso presents an alternative for ice cream cups on the market produced without a conventional plastic layer. Photo: Stora Enso