The Delicious Coconut KitKat

The KitKat: A world of variety. In addition to other innovations, the four-finger snack is now served in a large bar format. © Nestlé Deutschland

The Personalised Special Edition KitKat: Your own creations in personalised packaging

The humble KitKat: now with 1,500 flavour combinations

Chocolate bars with different toppings

At Nestlé Confectionery, customers can have their own personalised chocolate bars tailor-made by hand. Photo: Nestlé UK

Personalised confectionery packaging

The first direct-to-customer business from Nestlé UK and Ireland

The Premium KitKat from the British Chocolatory

The personalised KitKat bar comes in a range of 1,500 different flavour combinations. Photo: Nestlé UK