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Six different types of Fisherman’s Friend packaging

Photo: Fisherman’s Friend

Fisherman’s Friend: Strong tablets in a plain package


Take a deep breath! Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are that strong, they are only available on prescription in the USA. Other countries, such as Germany, import the iconic paper packaging and its strong content as confectionery.
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The Delicious Coconut KitKat

© Nestlé Deutschland

The Personalised Special Edition KitKat: Your own creations in personalised packaging


Mixed drinks created just for you, personalised boxes of muesli and confectionery packaging tailored to the customer: Nestlé UK is getting in on the trend too and has introduced its first direct-to-consumer offer in Great Britain with its KitKat Chocolatory.
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Lindt Lindor Assorted Mix 384 g

Photo: Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH

2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery


For decades, sparkly packaging has been just as much a part of Christmas as the tinsel on the tree – and yet both are being used less and less. The sustainability trend in 2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery has now reached this Christian holiday and is causing packaging producers, confectionery manufacturers and supermarkets to rethink.
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100-gram sized Toblerone packaging

© Mondelēz International

Toblerone’s packaging: Reminiscent of the mountain range


Chocolate lovers in 122 countries around the world are very aware of the delicious content that Toblerone’s unique packaging holds: And just one year after its invention, this unique triangular shape was legally protected.
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A bottle of Bacardi with its spooky Halloween label.

© Bacardi

Halloween packaging 2019: ghosts and pumpkins


Trademark owners, the trade sector and the packaging industry can’t afford to miss Halloween: This spooky celebration on 31 October has long spread from the USA and England to the rest of the world. This is reflected in the huge selection of confectionery available in supermarkets around the world for Halloween. After all, seasonal occasions yield a huge sales potential for the trade sector.
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Solero ice cream packaging

Foto: Langnese

Ice cream trends 2019: Innovative and sustainable ice cream packaging


Summer is ice cream season and the popularity of the cool, sweet refreshment has been steadily increasing for years. Manufacturers and retailers are guided by the wishes of consumers and, in addition to healthy ingredients, also focus on sustainable packaging and convenience.
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By the year 2025, Swiss food company Nestlé aims to make its packaging solely out of recyclable or reusable materials. Photo: theaelix,

Foto: theaelix,

Nestlé is making all their packaging recyclable


By the year 2025, Swiss food company Nestlé aims to make its packaging solely out of recyclable or reusable materials.
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Photo: Sappi

Foto: © Sappi

More Luxury for Confectionary Packaging in 2019


Bright prospects for confectionary packaging in 2019: finishing ranks at the very top of the agenda for this booming industry. The more exquisite the products, the more sophisticated their packaging gets. However, convenience, sustainability and personalisation are also on consumers’ wish list.
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Photo: © Constantia Flexibles

Foto: ©Constantia Flexibles

147 million chocolate Father Christmases ready for Christmas


Christmas always generates the highest sales figures in the retail trade – and it’s the best time for feasting. Year on year, Germany alone produces 147 million Father Christmases (for Christmas) and St Nicholases (for 6 December) – over 30% for export.
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Scary Packaging for Halloween


On 31 October it’s not just people but also a lot of packaging that looks scary.
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