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With the exclusive packaging it might as well contain jewellery. Photo: BVLGARI

Packaging to Fall in Love With


Valentine’s is just around the corner – and for that day packaging designers and manufacturers get as creative as it gets. In this context the social media appeal of these eye-catching products should not be ignored either – just think of the “unboxing” trend, for example.
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This stylish variation care of Fabian Rimann delights chocolate and design fans alike. Photo: Sappi

Anticipation x 24


This refillable Advent Calendar from Swiss chocolatier Fabian Rimann gets pulses racing.
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Cans for the environment


A new report by the European umbrella organisation of the metal packaging industry (EMPAC), shows that metal packaging has become significantly more environment-friendly to produce.
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Trend towards convenient confectionery


Is packaging able to make confectionery even sweeter? Yes, indeed! 60 percent of the consumers attach great importance to an appealing visual presentation and 45 percent of them prefer decorated packages for their sweets. Our infographic shows interesting packaging trends for the confectionery industry.
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Packaging that appeals to all the customer’s senses. Photo: Sappi

More than four corners wrapped in paper


Even the packaging makes your mouth water.
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Packaging with new dimensions: Using innovative technologies becomes a linking element between real and digital worlds. hoto: ldprod -



Food giant Nestlé is in touch with the latest trends. It has successfully created some viral attention for its slogan “Have a Break – Have a KitKat” on its innovative packaging labels.
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The decisive USP of this chocolate bar is the compostable packaging from cardboard and wood pulp rather than its taste or size. Photo: lovechock

A question of size


And the question of size is an eternal one: a British marketing firm now gets to the bottom of this shrinking chocolate bar myth.
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Easy-Pour-Bag. Foto: Olin Design Group

Pouring made easy


Innovation for re-sealable packaging – With the Easy Pour Bag designer Alan D. Olin has developed an alternative for classic muesli packs and crisp bags that combines long-lasting freshness with easier handling.
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© Entrieri - Fotolia

Special Packaging for Easter


For special occasions such as carnival, Easter or Christmas the confectionary industry not only launches new products but also presents special-edition packaging with a view to boosting sales. According to a current study, however, the term “Easter” is actually only imprinted on about 2% of all chocolate egg packaging.
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© trnd

Joining in: consumers create packaging design


Almost 17,000 participants took part in the “Die Gute Schokolade” (The Good Chocolate) competition organized by “trnd” and “Plant-for-the-Planet” and thus had a hand in deciding on the new packaging design for “Alnatura” chocolate.
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