Several small single-use bag

Packaged samples of cream, or individual packs for glasses or hygienic wipes. Sachets are more sustainable when they are made from mono-films (Photo: Kier In Sight / unsplash)

Mono-material sachets

Packages made of mono-material in several shapes and sizes

Under the brand name MonoFlex, the Coveris company offers a whole range of mono-materials, including a stand-up bag for liquid soap.
(Image: Coveris)

Protecting products with novel types of barriers

One sachet lying down, one standing up

The sachets by V-Shapes are intended for single doses and can be opened with one hand.
(Image: V-Shapes)

A man in a shirt, sitting at a desk with his arms crossed, smiling at the camera

Christian Burattini, CEO of V-Shapes.
(Image: V-Shapes)

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