Bottles of Maggi condiment from 1886 to 2011

The Maggi condiment over the years. The dark bottle with the red and gold design remains unique until today.
(Image: Nestlé)

125 years of Maggi in Germany

Black-and-white photograph of Julius Maggi

Founder Julius Maggi started out by selling powdered legumes.
(Image: Nestlé)

Experiments in taste and public appeal

Black-and-white photograph of women workers at Maggi

At the Maggi factory in Singen in 1910, women workers are packaging the popular Maggi condiment.
(Image: Nestlé)

Maggi advertising sign.

Julius Maggi realised it was possible to create a strong brand identity using targeted advertising. Advertising sign around 1920.
(Image: Nestlé)

Tastes good and looks good

Product picture of a Maggi "Guten Appetit" soup.

To celebrate the anniversary, some soups appear in new packaging.
(Image: Nestlé)