Pasta, legumes and spices in a transparent package.

These food packages are mostly made from cornflour and cellulose. Photo: Amelie Graf

A fresh design for food packaging

Transparent packaging for food.

The edible food packaging can be part of the meal. Photo: Amelie Graf

A "Gutsch M*Ich", a noggin of m*lk

Four stacked drinks packages

Four packages form a pattern. Photo: Sara Dietrich

A hot project

Peppercorns inside a foil bag and cardboard outer packaging

The design on the peppercorn package was printed using sustainable soya-based ink. Photo: Jade Meyer/Charlotte Neff

Excellent reusable idea

Reusable silicone packaging

The silicone wrapper for food to go is flexible, food-safe, dishwasher-safe and recyclable. Photo: Sarah Klein

A second life for old china

White containers

The open pores of the sintered material help fruit and vegetables stay fresh. Photo: Georgia von le Fort