Children in front of full plates.

The meals inside the SIG carton packages are distribute to local schools which can then offer a hot meal to children every day. Image: SIG

Cartons for Good project wins SAVE FOOD competition

A truck with a green container passing over a bridge.

The mobile bottling system can be put on a truck and transported even to remote rural areas. Image: SIG

Man with mask in front of sliced vegetables.

Vegetables and fruit are used to prepare meals without added preservatives. Image: SIG

Pilot project in Bangladesh

Carton packages inside a stainless steel container

Inside the carton package, the meals can be stored without refrigeration for up to nine months under the usual ambient conditions. Image: SIG

Efforts in Egypt

About the SAVE FOOD Initiative

tray sample

Image: Juha Hakulinen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland

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