Cold shipping with paperfloc eco systems

The carbon neutral paperfloc eco systems keep temperature sensitive products cold and can be disposed of completely with the waste paper. (Image: easy2cool GmbH)

Green shipping package for temperature sensitive products


When food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products have to be shipped, they sometimes need constant cooling. Often, the solution is polystyrene. The Munich company easy2cool has developed a sustainable alternative. The paperfloc systems are fully recyclable.
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Dominosteine on a conveyor belt

Foto: Lambertz, StephanRauh

Christmas confectionery packaging


Easter and Halloween fell victim to the pandemic, so let’s let the kids make the absolute most of Christmas. Christmas confectionery packaging and the tasty treats that they contain sweeten the wait until Father Christmas finally turns up.
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The Langnese Delight’s green ice cream packaging

Photo: Langnese/Unilever

Our ice cream packaging for 2020: From ice lollies to ice cream for dogs


When the temperatures rise, grab an ice cream. In the dog days of summer, when temperatures reach over 30 degrees Celsius, everyone is desperate to cool down. The wide variety of types of ice cream in the frozen aisle increases every year and the colourful world of ice cream packaging design develops to keep pace with it. We present a selection of our ice cream packaging for 2020 here.
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Enjoy a barbecue without meat with the “Sensational Bratwurst” from Nestlé.

Foto: Nestlé

A Vegan Barbecue


The barbecue season has begun. The wide variety of new vegan meat substitutes, brought out in response to the trend for vegan barbecues, show that steaks and burgers don’t necessarily need to be made of meat to be tasty. Mixing and filling machines need to work with great precision when processing these complex ingredients.
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Lindt Lindor Assorted Mix 384 g

Photo: Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH

2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery


For decades, sparkly packaging has been just as much a part of Christmas as the tinsel on the tree – and yet both are being used less and less. The sustainability trend in 2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery has now reached this Christian holiday and is causing packaging producers, confectionery manufacturers and supermarkets to rethink.
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High-Tech against spoilage of food


Over 80 kilos of foodstuffs are disposed of per year per capita in Germany according to statistical assessments. Innovative packaging material is to contribute to longer shelf-life.
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