Nutri-Score Labels Increasingly Used on Packaging

Campaigns against food waste

A pioneer of food labelling

Oil bottles

The English food authority FSA developed a traffic light model for labelling food as early as 2007. However, this did not differentiate between good and bad fats. As is the case for olive oil, for example. Photo: Pixabay

Food companies go their own way

Nutri-Score Disputed in Germany

Nutri-Score logo

Frozen foods specialist bofrost has been using the Nutri-Score nutritional value traffic lights on their products in Germany, France and Belgium since the spring and summer of 2019. A five-tier colour scale from A, to E informs consumers of the food’s nutritional value. Photo: "obs/bofrost*"

Coca-Cola bottle

Coca-Cola has announced that they will continue to test colour labelling systems for their beverages. Photo: Coca-Cola Deutschland