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Specialised in industrial image processing systems, Cognex Corporation’s vision solutions and barcode readers guarantee tremendous cost reductions in the event of a product recall. © Cognex Corporation

Product recall: Quality in the manufacturing and packaging process decides

© Theegarten-Pactec.

All new on the market: the flexible CWM2 packs chocolates in a “tamper-evident protected twist”. Thanks to this protected twist both product contamination and a mixture a various fragrances in family packs is ruled out. © Theegarten-Pactec.

© Mars GmbH / Incorp. & Tochtergesellschaften

Mars Chocolate opted for a voluntary recall of chocolate products branded MARS®, SNICKERS®, MILKY WAY® and CELEBRATIONS® after a small piece of plastic had been found in one product. © Mars GmbH / Incorp. & Tochtergesellschaften

Plastics in food

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Dansensor’s “LeakPointer II” leakage tester can reduce costs and operating errors for Modified Atmosphere Packaged goods. The device immediately detects even the smallest leaks in MAPs. © Dansensor

Safety through Track & Trace