Close image of a toy robot

Is automation the end-all and be-all? (Image: Rock'n Roll Monkey/unsplash)

Where does automation help in packaging?

What are the considerations?

Automated Packing

product photo of the Kliklok BEC

The Kliklok BEC is especially suited for medium sized companies seeking to automate their cardboard boxing. (Image: Syntegon)

Trusted recognition of alien material

Product photo of the Mettler-Toledo M30 R

The metal detectors of the M30 R series are marketed towards food manufacturers who are looking for a first solution to detect foreign metal bodies. (Image: Mettler-Toledo)

Solutions for confined spaces

Product photo of the tog.519

The cobot tog.519 by Schubert is suited for retrieving light-weight products via pick-and-place and process them with a frequency of 90 per minute. (Image: Gerhard Schubert GmbH)