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Partnerships in the packaging industry


Stronger together – the same is true for the packaging industry. Many businesses have recognised this and so, partnerships are currently very sought-after. Focusing on common know-how, sharing resources and technical knowledge all offers an advantage over the competition.
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The Resilient Rise of the Egyptian Packaging Sector in Challenging Times


As an established sector, the Egyptian printing and packaging sector is faced with similar challenges to many industries in the local economy. However, the growing local consumer base, competitive business atmosphere, and solid international cooperation relations are strong indicators of a thriving sector capable of further development and innovation.
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What does artificial intelligence have to offer in the field of packaging design?


AI systems have played a role in our everyday lives for a long time now and have become an integral part of the industrial sector. Whether used in manufacturing, logistics or quality control, they complete many tasks more quickly than humans. But what does artificial intelligence have to offer in the creative sphere?
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Egypt’s Innovative Solutions: Turning Plastic Waste into Recycling Opportunities


The packaging industry is heavily reliant on plastics. However, as the focus shifts to more sustainable packaging options, global industry stakeholders and policymakers are searching for ways to investigate how plastic packaging waste can be used to explore sustainable industry practices and market opportunities, some of which might be real gamechangers.
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