Colourful wooden pallets

The classic load carrier: the EPAL pallet. Photo: Brent Keane, Pexels

Load carriers are important for ensuring supply security

The definition of a pallet

Bed made from pallets with Mac laptop, white bed linen and plant

The pallet, a coveted design item: Load carriers are given a new lease of life as stylish furniture. Photo: Pexels

The Düsseldorf pallet

Plastic pallets on the forklift trolley

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd want to implement plastic pallets in their supermarkets nationwide from Autumn 2020. Photo: Aldi Süd

Plastic pallets

Toilet paper on pallets

Once we run out of goods, we can see the load carriers. Photo: HPE e.V.

Special pallets

Beverage crates on pallets

Load-bearing capacity is an important factor when selecting the correct load carrier. Photo: HPE e.V.

Requirements for pallets

Evergreen container ship

By lorry, train, plane or ship: Modern technology ensures that load carriers are tracked seamlessly. Photo: Pexels

Load carriers double up as information carriers