Sealing system with a big pack ready for closure, side view

The sealing system from SSB Wägetechnik vacuum seals big bags. (YouTube screenshot)
(Image: SSB Wägetechnik GmbH)

Vacuum-sealed closures for bulk goods

Solutions for all sizes

A machine using the Adams Technology to suck air from a tubular film bag.

The Adams Technology drives the remaining air from the packaging and then hermetically seals the bag.
(Image: Haver & Boecker)

Perfect Flow packaging bags

Packaging bags let powdered goods be safely and cleanly packed, transported and stored.
(Image: Haver & Boecker)

Vacuum sealing machine

The STV 2200 cleanly closes big bags.
(Image: SSB Wägetechnik GmbH)

A graphic shows drums wrapped in stretch film on pallets. Red lightning bolts are printed on the film.

The antistatic stretch film is marked with printed red lightning bolts. Image: BASF

VR goggles

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the day-to-day routine of machine engineers for the packaging industry. Digitalisation gives rise to innovation.

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