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What are the environmental impacts of alternative raw materials?


In mass balancing, chemically recycled or bio-based raw materials are input at the very beginning of plastics production and then computationally assigned to the end products. Using the example of flexible mozzarella packaging, a study investigated whether and how this procedure influences the life-cycle assessment of packaging produced from these raw materials.
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Is automation the end-all and be-all? (Image: Rock'n Roll Monkey/unsplash)

Where does automation help in packaging?


Trend topic or permanent issue? Everybody is talking about automation. However, switching to fully automated packaging solutions is anything but a guarantee for success. Small and medium sized companies should consider several things before investing in large machinery.
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Less material needed to produce sealing films


Films are an important part of packaging: They provide an impenetrable barrier between the product and the environment. That said, industrial handling of such sealing films is not always simple. A cooperation between Plasthill and Constantia Flexibles has now led to the development of a PE film which uses less material, thus leading to reduced CO2 emissions, yet has greater seal strength.
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Vacuum-sealed closures for bulk goods


Food or building materials present special challenges for the filling and closing process. To make sure that the surroundings stay clean and product safety is guaranteed along the entire supply chain for bulk powders, vacuum seals are used for filling and closing.
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Green packaging with bio-based recyclable print

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Sustainability in to-go packaging


Our world is to become more eco-friendly, and manufacturers across all industries and segments are doing everything they can to give their products and processes a more sustainable design. This has resulted in a range of solutions, one of which is sustainable to-go packaging for baked goods.
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More automation in baked goods packaging


Automation continues to make great strides in baked goods packaging. Manufacturers of baked goods are making more and more investments in automated robotics in the production and packaging processes and are thus increasing their reliability along with their quality, speed, efficiency and flexibility.
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Number of the Month Confectionery and Baked Goods 2020


Regardless of whether we prefer sweet or salty – the global confectionery and baked goods industry is delighted to see an increase in sales. Customers are looking for a varied range of products and packaging as well as practical packaging solutions for out-of-home consumption that are sustainable at the same time. Responsive and flexible modern technologies and equipment are in high demand.
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