A collage showing the use of the waste compartment in the cigarette packet Input.

Four students of the Muenster School of Design have created a cigarette packet that contains a compartment for butts. (Photo: J. Zerr, E. Freymüller, M. Hesse, F. Vennemeyer)

The next generation is ready for take-off

three images of cigarette packet with added compartment

The cigarette packet "Input" has an additional compartment for cigarette butts. Photo: J. Zerr, E. Freymüller, M. Hesse, F. Vennemeyer

Sustainable renovations

Cardboard packaging, open and closed

Easy-to-use cardboard box for enough putty to fill ten drill holes. Photo: Giulia La Spina/Kim Bujak/Suh-Khubg Choi

Making sure the frame hangs properly

ardboard packaging for picture frames

The protective packaging for the picture frame is made completely out of cardboard. Photo: Farina Nagel

Sustainable packaging material from husks

Edge protection made from grain husks

The naturally hollow structure of husks gives them good insulating and shock absorbing properties. Photo: Proservation