Two men discuss data and statistics on a piece of paper at an office table.

No one can predict the future exactly. However, some trends and market developments for the coming year can already be estimated.(Credit: Scott Graham/Unsplash)

Trends in packaging: All this and more in 2022

A bar chart showing the recycling rate of various household-typical municipal waste

The recycling rate for paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging in Germany is almost 100 percent. (Graphic: Federal Statistical Office of Germany)

There’s no way round the circular economy

A stand-up plastic bag, strikingly broken down into its component parts. Top right: the Cradle to Cradle certificate

The flat-bottomed bag from Werner & Mertz was awarded gold in all Cradle-to-Cradle Certified individual categories. All of the materials can be safely and securely disposed of or can be recycled into a qualitatively high-value product. (Image: Werner & Mertz)