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Everyone can recycle! Even coffeemaker Nespresso™ is aware of its responsibility and recycles some 75% of its capsules. Photo: Nestlé Nespresso SA

Collier à Volluto


Shiny gold, pink, mauve, black, blue, bronze – the harmonious colour scheme of the little capsules not only impresses coffee lovers but also designers throughout the world. Because magnificent pieces of jewellery can be made from the used capsules.
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Modern plastics can be environmentally friendly and meet high technological standards at the same time. Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery /

The power’s in the peel


Delicious orange juice, delicious orange sorbet, delicious orange plastics? No, humans can’t digest orange peels, but they’re good for the environment.
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140 million fewer plastic bags end up on waste dumps each year: REWE is gradually banning plastic bags. Photo:

Not in the Bag


Plastic bags are disappearing from more and more supermarkets. The accusation that they are detrimental to the environment puts governments, industry and trade around the globe under pressure.
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Too beautiful just for packaging. Beds made of cardboard in a special honeycomb structure are extremely stable, lightweight, space-saving to store and low cost. Photo: Room in a Box.

Far more than just packaging


As a rule cardboard packaging is brown or white and a rather boring sight most of the time. It serves to protect transportable goods and is perfectly suited to recycling. What cardboard cartons can do for you above and beyond this, is demonstrated by various pieces of furniture made out of the sustainable raw material paper.
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How many children fit into a VW Transporter? The answer: two! Provided it is made of cardboard like this one here from Kickpack. Photo: Kickpack

A world of cardboard


In the German version of her song “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime” German pop singer Nena wanted to “build a castle in the sand” for her loved one. 30 years later the motto is: let us build castles out of cardboard! Some examples from the toy industry show how versatile the applications for this sustainable raw material are.
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Old packaging still with a discreet warning label but without images.

Shocking Packaging


As the new EU Tobacco Directive enters into force the design scope for outer packaging changes for all cigarette brands sold in Germany. Up to two thirds of the packaging must be covered with shocking photography and warnings.
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Free lunch in return for aluminium bottle tops: an invitation to an Alunch from the European Aluminium Foil Association. © Wieselpixx

Positive forecasts for transparent barrier film and aluminium foil packaging


A recent forecast has shown that the demand for flexible aluminium foil will grow over the next five years. At the same time the number of innovative aluminium packaging solutions will also rise, and a special campaign is currently drawing attention to this popular material.
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It is seen as one of the world’s most popular plastics: airpop®  (polystyrene). Yet it may soon lose its status to an alternative option, based on mushroom cells. © Ecovative

Packaging made from mushroom foam


The computer manufacturer Dell Inc. came first, and now IKEA is to follow. Packaging which has so far been made from expanded polystyrene is to be replaced by a biodegradable alternative made from mushrooms.
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So-called 'liquid caps' can easily be mistaken for sweets by children. The Europe-wide initiative “Keep Caps from Kids” raises awareness among consumers. © Arkady Chubykin /

Less colourful and no longer transparent


So-called 'liquid capsules' score points with their consumer-friendly dosing. But the colourful capsules can easily be taken for sweets. This is why, in the interest of child protection, liquid detergent packaging has been subject to stricter provisions in Europe since the beginning of the year.
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© Bosch Packaging Technology

And the Oscar goes to...


Leonardo DiCaprio was not the only one who waited for years for his first so ardently longed for award. In the packaging industry awards are also a popular form of recognition and guarantee successful product sales.
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