Innovative pharmaceutical packaging: beautiful, safe and sustainable

Neopac Polyfoil Airless Evoclassic

The new Airless tubes 'Evolux' and 'Evoclassic' combine luxury with safety. Available in two sizes, they catch the eye with their high-quality gloss looks. They can be made in individual colours, metallised or equipped with transparent plastic caps. The polyfoil barrier inside the automatic closing mechanism of the Aptar pumps keeps bacteria, moisture and air away from the contents. A multi-layer laminate specifically developed by Neopac serves as a material for this packaging.

Packaging for Life: ElifFine

Rugged but with a light-weight structure Elif’s new packaging solution is particularly eco-friendly. The paper-like cloth offers shoppers a tactile experience without chemical coatings. The unique formula of the natural surface properties of 'ElifFine' protects against moisture and gas; and since it is reusable it also scores points in terms of sustainability.

MedLock EZ

Cardboard outside, plastic blister inside – and an integrated closing mechanism already filed for patent: the unbleached carton of 'MedLock EZ' by Colbert Packaging can be produced in many different versions and individually coated with varnish and special effects.

Nasacort Allergy 24HR Booklet Pack

The 'Nasacort Allergy 24HR Booklet Pack' contains high-density polyethylene bottles, a comprehensive product description and a new blue cap. To attract shoppers’ attention Sanofi/Chattem has opted for a foldable, card-design blister with a clear graphic finished with shiny UV varnish. The deep-drawing property protects the contents of the pack and the paper used is SFI certified. Low-migration ink-based dyes and a seal made of hardened resin prevent counterfeiting.

Constantia Teos

Developed by Constantia Flexibles 'Constantia Teos' is packaging with a special, removable cover film destroyed when opened. Upon demand this opening protection can be integrated in various open or concealed options: from holograms and safety films to pigmentation and concealed pattern deviations. This means the company contributes to combating the illegal trade with counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

IcyHot Smart Relief

Sanofi Chattem’s packaging for 'Icy Hot Smart Relief-Pads' catches shoppers’ attention at the POS with its luxurious deep-drawing foil and lively graphics. Thanks to the handy Velcro fastener the wireless device can be easily removed from, and reintroduced into, the packaging at any time while its weather-resistant seal guarantees product authenticity. Even with the new design the recognition level of the 'Icy Hot-Linie' remains unchanged.


The counterfeit-proof combination of label and bottle closure by Schreiner MediPharm is now also available in striking colours. It extends the initial opening protection of the 'Flexi-Caps' to include visual features thereby providing even greater prevention against the illegal use of original drugs. Compared with shrink-wrap film versions this design also scores points with its heat-resistant manufacturing process, which also allows the packaging of temperature-sensitive drugs.