Two mint green tubes with aluminium seals lying next to each other.

Tubex’s Monotube features an attractive seal made entirely of aluminium. (Image: etma)

Tube Trends

Two brightly-coloured tubes next to a nail brush.

Permapack developed a paper-based tube for the cosmetics manufacturer Kneipp. (Image: etma)

Using recyclate

A schematic shows how a tube can be resealed with a breakaway aluminium pin.

Thanks to its novel sealing mechanism, Tubex Wolfsberg’s Monotube does not use any plastics at all. (Image: Tubex Wolfsberg)

Monomaterial: the way to the future?

Two Hoffmann Neopac sample tubes with white and green labels.

Hoffmann Neopac developed a tube with twist and hinged caps that can also be recycled. (Image: etma)

Supply bottlenecks still acute

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