Three women hold picture frames in their hands

Some ideas of young talent win awards in European competitions: The SandKit winning team of Maria Paula Monroy Vargas, Sarah Drauschke and Margo Rindle. Image: Pro Carton

Urgent need for young talent

blue folding box with batteries

The innovative packaging for charged and depleted batteries received the German Packaging Award. (Image: Andre Wagenzik / DVI)

Sandpaper in different-coloured cardboard packaging

The packaging concept acts as a dispenser for the sandpaper and at the same time as a practical sanding block. (Image: Pro Carton)

Several hexagonal cardboard packets

The slide-to-open mechanism allows users to control how many sweets they take out of the package. (Image: Pro Carton)

More commitment to promoting young talent

Closed and open cardboard packaging for bottles

The “Fold up Pick up” packaging solution can change its shape depending on the supply chain process. (Image: Model Group)

Apprentices with new ideas

Unfolded corrugated cardboard box with packaged chewing gum

3D packaging made of corrugated cardboard for a new chewing gum product line. (Image: © com_unit / L. Schedl)

Teamwork needed