Item Products (NPD) Limited

Trundler Wheel Patent Granted

The steerable and fixed wheel system

PACKAGING MOBILITY…. getting packaging containers off the ground.

UK packaging component manufacturer Item Products has been granted a European patent for Trundler™ for their PACKAGING WHEELS system, with the US patent soon to follow.

Trundler is a range of plastic wheels that can be easily attached to large, heavy, or awkward to carry primary or secondary packaging and provides a benefit to both consumer and retailer. In many cases, such as the Silentnight mattress pack, Trundler alleviates the need for separate home delivery therefore encouraging an impulse purchase and enhancing the product’s “green” credentials. Trundler is ideal for use with white goods, electronics and home and garden products.

Trundler also works well in the retail environment to mobilise display stands, bulk bins and merchandising units and in the warehouse removes the need for a forklift or pallet truck. Comprising a fixed or steerable wheel with chassis and connecting clips there is also a foot that can be used to keep product or pack off the floor.

The system is totally reusable and can be applied, without tools or fixings, at any stage in the supply chain from the manufacturer to consumer without needing to open the box or modify the packaging. Trundler is also recyclable though the domestic waste recycling stream and is manufactured using recycled materials.

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