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high-capacity powder screening system with integrated metal detection and sampling functionality for smaller and medium-sized food companies

High capacity powders screening system

Dinnissen Process Technology is specialized in the processing of high-quality powders, particles and granulates for food producers such as Nestlé, Pepsico, Danone and Friesland Campina. To help these clients comply with the increasingly rigorous requirements for food safety, hygiene and quality, Dinnissen developed a special line of high-capacity powder screening systems with built-in metal detection and automatic sampling functionality. As increasing numbers of smaller and medium-sized food companies also aim to or have to comply with the most rigorous requirements, Dinnissen has also developed an affordable screening solution for these clients as well.

Affordable quality control solution that can be integrated into new as well as existing processes
The new screening concept offered by Dinnissen Process Technology was developed for smaller and medium-sized companies that wish to quickly and efficiently carry out thorough quality controls on powders such as milk, starch, and cocoa powders. The new screening concept allows food producers to screen fine powders (≤ 100 mµ, 250 mµ or 1000 mµ) at very high throughput rates (up to 30 to 40 tons per hour), thereby avoiding product contamination and ensuring that the end product complies with the desired justifications. The new screening system is based on a centrifugal screen, whereby the ingredients being processed are introduced into the screening chamber via a special built-in transport system and then suspended via rotating blades. The centrifugal force ensures that larger particles are immediately transported onwards and removed whereas finer particles are allowed to pass through the appropriate screen. Depending upon the specific product, process and capacity desired, it is also possible to work with a flat screen. By using various combinations of rotational speed, screen perforation size, and screen length, practically any desired screening result can be realized. Screening throughput rates of up to 15 or even 70 tons per hour can be realized, and even the very finest powders, from 5µ to 1000 µ, can be processed quickly and efficiently. Built-in metal detectors protect the screens against damage.

Integrated sampling functionality: precise, reliable, and efficient
As increasing numbers of companies aim to and/or have to comply with increasingly rigorous requirements in terms of (food) safety and quality, Dinnissen has equipped its new screening system with integrated and automated sampling functionality. This allows the user to automatically take samples to monitor product quality in terms of microbiology, homogeneity, and particle size. Samples can be taken in accordance with a predetermined frequency, volume and weight, thereby increasing the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of the overall quality control process. The new sampling system introduced by Dinnissen can take samples ranging in size from 25 g to 1000 g per sample and can be cleaned very easily and quickly, thereby preventing contamination of the product flow and/or samples. Another advantage of the integrated automated sampling system is that it reduces the amount of manual labour required for quality control activities.


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