Exhibitor interviews

Exhibitor statements on interpack 2017

Photo: Karolina Koszarowska
Karolina Koszarowska, Marketing, Trepko, Denmark:
Trepko is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging solutions for the food industry. “Every year we take part at interpack and every year we have the same exhibition booth number. It is like coming home,” she told exited.
They present 12 machines this year, for example the “800 series” known as a brick forming an wrapping machine. “Special about it is that different products with different sizes can be handled.”
Products pass the process in the machine and at the end the items leave packed in cartons ready to place in a store.
Photo: Lilia Sassi
Lilia Sassi, Principal Executive Export Market Development Department, Dubai Exports, Unites Arab Emirates:
“Being part of interpack is very important for us and our exhibitors. Some of the manufactures have already customers in the European market and want to expand their business relations others plan to go the first step in a new market with this trade fair,” she explained. This year six manufactures for food packaging and one with the focus on printing and non-food packaging take place. “The high certified quality standard here and in the Unites Arab Emirates is the same, so the business chances are very good.”
Photo: John Puzzo
John Puzzo, Sales Manager, Pamasol, Switzerland:
For the last 50 years Pamasol is a big player in the aerosol industry, specialized in aerosol and spray systems for example for cosmetics and pharma. “Our machines are known for longevit , that is very important for our customers. Some of them have machines bought 40 years ago and they still work well,” he told. Of course the company develops new functions according to market requirements. Thereby they listen to their customers and realize customer wishes and requirements as well.
Photo: Timo Kollmann
Timo Kollmann, Sales Director, Authorised signatory, Hugo Beck, Germany:

“Industry 4.0 is getting more and more important. That is why we show innovations concerning this theme, focused on “servo X“. Their latest robot-supported automation solution for horizontal packaging demonstrates Hugo Beck as a future-oriented company. Hugo Beck works cross-industry, so their machines are used for products like chocolate, games or laminate.

Photo: Evita Rosdahl
Evita Rosdahl, CEO, Jeros, Denmark:

“Of course we take part as an exhibitor regulary at interpack. We are working cross-industry. So we offer cleaning machines for non-food,food, pharma…the wide target group at interpack is perfect for us.”

Jeros machines are knwon as durable and fast. A cleaning operation takes only a few minutes, so their customers reduce the unproductive time. The safe cleaning with bacteria-free result according to high conditions is what customers also appreciate.

Photo: Valeska Haux
Valeska Haux, Senior Director Corporate Marketing, Multivac, Germany:
“interpack is the most important trade fair for packaging for us. We demonstrate “Multivac X-line”, our new generation of thermoforming packaging machines.” Multivac is one of the leading manufactures for packaging solutions for industries like food, non-food and lifescience and healthcare. The company belongs to the first exhibitors of interpack and of course Multivac will present new solutions at the fair again.
Photo: Christa Mödinger
Christa Mödinger, Director Marketing & Communications, Bosch, Germany:
“Never before we had such a huge exhibition stand and a crew with about 650 Bosch employees. The whole year we are looking forward to interpack and here we love to have the same place in hall 6.” Bosch is one of the biggest exhibitors and shows machines with focus on moving very fast from one regulated product to another. For Bosch Industry 4.0 means to make systems even more efficient.
Photo: Cor Rijken
Cor Rijken, CEO, Cor Rijken, Netherlands:
“Our company was founded in 1990 and a few years later we took part at interpack for the first time.“ Asked about requirements of the prefabricated bags, he explained:“ First depanding on the country and culture of the country we deliver to. In some countries people buy bread and freeze it immediatly. That is something, Germans won´t do normally. They want to enjoy fresh bread.“ Concerning the service life of the products and the purpose or if the product should be secured from inside to outside or from outside to inside, Cor Rijken develops special bags.