"As a tradition-rich-brand we have to be recognisable and innovative at the same time"

Photo: Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker


Lambertz - Tradition-rich company

1. Lambertz Vital Klassik in a film bag.
2. The sun is the trademark of Lambertz and features not only in the pastry manufacturer’s packaging design.
3. Lambertz Knusper Marshmallows peanut cookie chunks in a film bag.
4. Lambertz Toscana assorted biscuits in a folding box.
5. Impressions from Lambertz’ production site at the Aachen headquarters.
6. Lambertz offers special collectors’ tins to mark various occasions throughout the year such as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, Halloween or Christmas.
7. Lambertz is among the biggest German vendors of organic biscuits and is constantly developing further in this area. Featured in the photo are their organic Bio Oat Cookies on the production line.
8. Over 30 different nations are represented among the staff working at the company’s Aachen operation. Here we see some production employees packing Lambertz cookies.
9. Lambertz’ organic range includes Bio Oat Cookies, to name just one product.
10. Henry Lambertz’ chocolate-butter- almond biscuits in a flow-pack.
11. The Lambertz group of companies operates nine production sites in Germany and Poland as well as a site in the USA – supplying products all over the world.