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© Robert Czichos

Robert Czichos


In 2009, Robert Czichos founded Bionatic GmbH & Co. KG, a supplier of ecological packaging for caterers, food service-providers and private households. GREENBOX (http://www.biologischverpacken.de/), the company, which he runs together with his partner Michael Brink, presents 450 different sustainable packaging solutions for the wholesale trade
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© Ole Nordhoff

Dr. Ole Nordhoff


Year on year Germans spend an average of seven to nine days on shopping – at supermarkets. This figure does not include electronics stores or clothes shops. Yet thanks to the increasing proliferation of e-commerce, it is actually possible to save that time.
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© Andreas Steinle

Andreas Steinle


Do you know what you’ll be buying next week? Or what you’ll be eating in a year’s time? Or what the packaging of your favourite products will look like in ten years? Andreas Steinle does. It’s because he lives and works in the future.
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Alexander Witt


Food packaging engineer Alexander Witt recently finished his master’s thesis in dairy and packaging management at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. Using a cereal bar as an example, his paper explores the impact of packaging on foods in the SAVE FOOD Initiative. In October 2015 he joined the international company pacproject GmbH as a packaging engineering consultant.
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Diana Jaffé


Diana Jaffé is the creator of gender marketing and CEO of bluestone AG. Gender marketing combines research results in psychology, anthropology, evolutionary and social biology, economics, etc. with empirical research and, on this basis, seeks to establish gender-specific marketing solutions.
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© Foto-Ruhrgebiet / fotolia.com

Anne Geissler

The interpack magazine spoke to Anne Geissler about her research into barrier-free packaging.
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