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Coloured beverage cans

Beverage cans: more popular than ever


85 years ago, beverage cans were invented in the USA and filled with Krueger Cream Ale. Today, the popular beverage packaging contains a wide range of contents, first and foremost beers, energy and soft drinks.
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 Many Coca-Cola bottles in shelf

Coca-Cola bottles made out of rPET


Sweden will soon see the launch of the first Coca-Cola bottles made out of 100% rPET. Other brands produced by the group will also use this fully recycled plastic. The beverage giant has even replaced its sweeping, red-and-white lettering to motivate consumers to recycle the bottles.
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Glass objects from Cornelius Réer’s glass workshop

Upcycling glass bottles


When used glass bottles are disposed of correctly in designated glass containers, 100% of the material can be recycled and thus reused – as intended as well as for other purposes. And more and more companies are deciding to upcycle, giving original products and packaging an upgrade – and new meaning.
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Whiskey bottle with mobile phone and hummingbird

Smart packaging – the packaging solution of the future


The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are also transforming the packaging industry: Intelligent packaging allows users to track delivery routes and can indicate the freshness of foods. At the same time, modern technologies offer countless marketing opportunities to increase customer loyalty.
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Bike by Vélosophy

Upcycling Nespresso coffee capsules


Turning waste products into new and useful products is known as upcycling. There are numerous examples: furniture made out of Euro-pallets, toys for children made out of cardboard and bicycles made out of used deodorant cans. Now, Nespresso is showing the world what old coffee capsules can do.
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Drinking bottle with scent pods, right: Installing the scent pod

Sustainable packaging for healthy drink


Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to the sustainability of beverage packaging, and this also extends to their content – healthy drinks are no longer something just for athletes. As a result, the global offer of innovative solutions for environmentally friendly beverage bottles and cans has increased, as has the offer of full-flavoured, low-sugar drinks.
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Two cans and one bottle of CW4K water

Beverage packaging for a good cause


We all have to drink – and we can all do good by purchasing cause-related beverage packaging, without having to pay more or commit to something. From CannedWater4Kids and Karma Cola to international groups like the Coca-Cola Company, consumers can support social projects and provide reconstruction and financial aid.
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Carlsberg’s paper beer bottle

Carlsberg’s paper beer bottle


As early as 2015, Danish brewery Carlsberg launched a project to develop a bottle made out of sustainably gained wood fibres, the Green Fibre Bottle. According to company statements, they are about to make a breakthrough: The world’s first paper beer bottle is 100 percent bio-based and fully recyclable.
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Capri Sun packaging

The US packaging market: Trends and effects


Consumers in the United States of America have a significant impact on the international packaging industry. According to independent forecasts, packaging trends in the North American region will continue to influence the global industry in future.
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Woman with mobile phone and bottle of Malibu Rum

Bottle Cap Challenge: Other ways to unscrew the caps


Since the summer of 2019, the Bottle Cap Challenge has been delighting the online world: International stars and starlets try to open the screw caps on beverage bottles without using their hands.
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