Drinking bottle with scent pods, right: Installing the scent pod

air up uses scents to create the sensation of taste in the brain. Photo: ©air up

Sustainable packaging for healthy drink

Woman with a drinking bottle

Drinking tap water reduces our ecological footprint. Photo: ©air up

Reusable water bottles: Drinkfinity

Two Drinkfinity bottles and two flavoured pods

Drinkfinity bottles and pods can be ordered separately and can be combined in any manner. Photo:© Drinkfinity

Turtle Sodas: healthy and for a good cause

Frozen Smoothie Verpackungen von Henderson und Sons

Das verzehrfertige Obst und Gemüse für gesunde Smoothies wird tiefgefroren und ist dadurch lange haltbar. Foto: © MBG International Premium Brands GmbH

Frozen Smoothies ensure full flavour at any time