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Dr. Eckhard Ratjen is a certified IP lawyer at the firm BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT.

Trademark law interview: How do I go about protecting a form of packaging?


A fight’s afoot in the packaging sector. No question about it: manufacturers of packaging and also manufacturers of packaging machinery are brought before their competitors in courts of law at lightning speeds when it comes to competition law matters. When is it worth putting up a fight, and what should companies protect using trademarks?
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Dominosteine on a conveyor belt

Christmas confectionery packaging


Easter and Halloween fell victim to the pandemic, so let’s let the kids make the absolute most of Christmas. Christmas confectionery packaging and the tasty treats that they contain sweeten the wait until Father Christmas finally turns up.
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The Langnese Delight’s green ice cream packaging

Our ice cream packaging for 2020: From ice lollies to ice cream for dogs


When the temperatures rise, grab an ice cream. In the dog days of summer, when temperatures reach over 30 degrees Celsius, everyone is desperate to cool down. The wide variety of types of ice cream in the frozen aisle increases every year and the colourful world of ice cream packaging design develops to keep pace with it. We present a selection of our ice cream packaging for 2020 here.
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Three bars of RITTERSPORT chocolate in green packaging with name of flavour in German.

Trademark protection in packaging – or: Who owns the packaging?


Packaging transports brand identities – through colours, lettering, logos, images and slogans. For this precise reason, trademark protection is one of the top priorities of trademark owners when launching new products. But what, exactly, does trademark protection cover?
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Yellow SMART BEES packaging with queen bee

Nestlé protects bees with SMART BEES


The SMART BEES app turns this limited SMARTIES edition into a masterclass on bees. Here, children can find out all there is to know about the busy honey-foragers and support bee projects across Germany with every purchase.
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Haribo fruit gum tin from the 1930th

Haribo celebrates its 100th anniversary


The family business was founded on 13 December 1920 and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Today, consumers around the world enjoy this popular confectionery, which is regularly brought to market in new packaging designs. Easter 2020 is no exception: new special editions have been released this year.
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Milka chocolate with real cow

The Milka cow is now a real, live cow


The Milka cow has lost her lilac colouring, and it’s all thanks to an advertising campaign that focuses on real cows on the packaging of the limited editions and immediately laid the company open to the criticism of dedicated fans.
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Rice Snaps packaging showing a crocodile and cereal bowl

Cartoons on confectionery packaging are to be removed


Cartoons on confectionery packaging aim to tempt children – and consequently, their parents – to purchase products, say critics of such packaging. Lidl GB has now voluntarily banned these colourful characters from its own brand.
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Bar of Ritter Sport Marhaba chocolate

Variety in confectionery and baked goods packaging


Consumers want variety on their supermarket shelves. The confectionery and baked goods industries are answering this call by providing a wide range of seasonal special editions.
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Tubular bag packaging with patented snap opening mechanism

Packing Ritter Sport in paper


Whenever German consumers hear the words Quality. Chocolate. Squared., they immediately think of Ritter Sport chocolate – and have done for almost fifty years. After all, the chocolate brand, manufactured by Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, has been around for nearly one hundred years. But the iconic packaging and its sweet content are popular outside of Germany as well.
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