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Yellow SMART BEES packaging with queen bee

Nestlé protects bees with SMART BEES


The SMART BEES app turns this limited SMARTIES edition into a masterclass on bees. Here, children can find out all there is to know about the busy honey-foragers and support bee projects across Germany with every purchase.
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Haribo fruit gum tin from the 1930th

Haribo celebrates its 100th anniversary


The family business was founded on 13 December 1920 and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Today, consumers around the world enjoy this popular confectionery, which is regularly brought to market in new packaging designs. Easter 2020 is no exception: new special editions have been released this year.
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Milka chocolate with real cow

The Milka cow is now a real, live cow


The Milka cow has lost her lilac colouring, and it’s all thanks to an advertising campaign that focuses on real cows on the packaging of the limited editions and immediately laid the company open to the criticism of dedicated fans.
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Rice Snaps packaging showing a crocodile and cereal bowl

Cartoons on confectionery packaging are to be removed


Cartoons on confectionery packaging aim to tempt children – and consequently, their parents – to purchase products, say critics of such packaging. Lidl GB has now voluntarily banned these colourful characters from its own brand.
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Bar of Ritter Sport Marhaba chocolate

Variety in confectionery and baked goods packaging


Consumers want variety on their supermarket shelves. The confectionery and baked goods industries are answering this call by providing a wide range of seasonal special editions.
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Tubular bag packaging with patented snap opening mechanism

Packing Ritter Sport in paper


Whenever German consumers hear the words Quality. Chocolate. Squared., they immediately think of Ritter Sport chocolate – and have done for almost fifty years. After all, the chocolate brand, manufactured by Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, has been around for nearly one hundred years. But the iconic packaging and its sweet content are popular outside of Germany as well.
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Six different types of Fisherman’s Friend packaging

Fisherman’s Friend: Strong tablets in a plain package


Take a deep breath! Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are that strong, they are only available on prescription in the USA. Other countries, such as Germany, import the iconic paper packaging and its strong content as confectionery.
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The Delicious Coconut KitKat

The Personalised Special Edition KitKat: Your own creations in personalised packaging


Mixed drinks created just for you, personalised boxes of muesli and confectionery packaging tailored to the customer: Nestlé UK is getting in on the trend too and has introduced its first direct-to-consumer offer in Great Britain with its KitKat Chocolatory.
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Lindt Lindor Assorted Mix 384 g

2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery


For decades, sparkly packaging has been just as much a part of Christmas as the tinsel on the tree – and yet both are being used less and less. The sustainability trend in 2019 Christmas packaging for confectionery has now reached this Christian holiday and is causing packaging producers, confectionery manufacturers and supermarkets to rethink.
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100-gram sized Toblerone packaging

Toblerone’s packaging: Reminiscent of the mountain range


Chocolate lovers in 122 countries around the world are very aware of the delicious content that Toblerone’s unique packaging holds: And just one year after its invention, this unique triangular shape was legally protected.
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