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Lenor bottles with digital watermark

Procter & Gamble is packaging the future


What direction will packaging take? How can we meet the challenges of our times? These questions face small and major companies alike. At consumption goods giant Procter & Gamble, the future of packaging is in the hands of one man.
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94% of the material for the caps on CATRICE (cosnova) nail polish is created from the post-consumer recycled plastic Procyclen.

cosnova implements post-consumer recycled material in packaging for its decorative cosmetics for the first time


The cosmetics industry is using more and more recycled material for packaging, although government requirements are not yet concrete. In the process, individual manufacturers are developing their own standards and making them available to the entire industry. The use of post-consumer recyclate reduces CO2 production enormously.
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Thayers’ cosmetics bottles with red caps.

Increasing recycling of cosmetics packaging


The cosmetics group L’Oréal is striding into the future with new technology and an attention-grabbing recycling campaign with the objective of increasing recycling of cosmetics products and closing loops.
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NIVEA refill station

Filling up packaging at refill stations


In a variety of pilot projects, Henkel and Beiersdorf are testing refill stations for their products. In this way, the companies are seeking to contribute to more prudent use of resources and more recycling as well as to a closed-loop economy.
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TAM TAM PON tampon packaging

A real stunner: Menstrual hygiene products


Menstrual hygiene products: They hadn’t received much attention up until now, but sustainable packaging designs and tax relief on personal care products has pushed the subject of periods into the spotlight.
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Two lipsticks without caps

Refillable cosmetics are trending


More and more frequently, consumers opt for refillable solutions that help them have a positive impact on the environment. When it comes to make-up and skincare products, the offer of refillable cosmetics is on the rise.
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The first prize in the “Household” category at the WorldStar Packaging Awards went to the Frosch stand-up pouch by Werner & Mertz and Mondi.

What is reverse engineering?


Packaging innovations are increasingly based around closed circuits. Engineers are employing the principles of reverse engineering in packaging development. A current and prominent example of this is the stand-up pouch for Frosch liquid soap, produced by Werner & Mertz and Mondi.
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Paper-based cosmetic tubes and bottles from Seed Phytonutrients

Cardboard-based cosmetic packaging


Many industries are looking for sustainable packaging. Recyclable, organic-based or compostable. The next big trend: A new approach in the cosmetics industry - paper packaging for body care products.
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Photo: Henkel

Packaging Recycling and Social Responsibility


More and more companies are using recyclable plastics in their packaging. The cosmetics industry is no exception to this trend. For the German company Henkel, the social aspects of recycling also play an important role, alongside the reprocessing of recyclable materials.
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Packaging cosmetic products for men


Currently, the global cosmetics market mainly caters to women. However, more and more men are using special body care products. Besides South Korea, the USA and Brazil are global leaders in the demand for shaving foams as well as products for styling and caring for beards, etc.
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