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Big data in the packaging and processing industry


Companies from all industries are constantly generating more and more data that needs to be saved, analysed and processed. Big data is increasingly in demand in the packaging and processing industry too.
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Colourful wooden pallets

Load carriers are important for ensuring supply security


There are many different types of load carriers: cases, cartons, containers, drums or pallets - they all ensure security in transportation and storage and in supplying the population with vital goods.
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Industrial packaging 4.0


Without it, very few goods would make it to our shelves: Industrial packaging is indispensable in global trade, whether goods are transported by land, sea or air. Now the future of boxes and pallets will be digitalised with the aid of RFID and blockchain technologies.
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Packaging robots: on the rise worldwide


Packaging robots are being used more and more to execute tasks within packaging production. These robots, with their increasing capacities, can now be used in production facilities throughout the entire packaging line, either independently or in direct cooperation with human employees.
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Zalando shipping boxes

Sustainability of packaging influences purchasing behaviour


Over the past years, more and more goods have been ordered on the Internet. When doing so, consumers value quick and easy deliveries of their products. But that’s not all: For many consumers, sustainable shipping and packaging options also play an important role.
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E-Commerce trends and the packaging sector


More and more companies and consumers around the world are using the options online trade offers. Consumer demands influence parcel services as well as packaging manufacturers.
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Wooden packaging used between the European Union and Great Britain will be subject to stricter phytosanitary measures after Brexit. Photo: Webandi/Pixbay.com

Brexit: How will it affect industrial packaging?


Originally planned for 29 March 2019, Great Britain’s exit has now been postponed twice – the new deadline for an agreement between the Brits and the EU member states has been extended to 31 October. None of the parties involved wants a chaotic Brexit, which would have dramatic economic consequences.
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Industrial Goods Packaging


Industrial packaging generally protects particularly delicate, dangerous or bulky goods that depend on stable transportation. Industrial packaging is used directly after a product has been manufactured at the plant as well as at any later time along the supply chain.
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Warehouse or the shores of Illyria? Stage set for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Staatsoper Hannover made of 365 cardboard boxes. Photo: Staatsoper Hannover/Jörg Landsberg

365 Boxes for Staging an Opera


Cardboard packaging is designed to protect its contents from damage in transit or during storage. However, there is more to these often brown boxes – they can double as stage scenery or a make-shift construction material for destroyed buildings.
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GHS-pictograms: www.reach-compliance.ch

Packaging symbols, Part 2: Caution - danger of death!


In this series on packaging symbols, we look at symbols we often see around us. But offhand, do we actually know what they mean?
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