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Bins, bucket, crates for the home with a rug

New products made from packaging


Packaging is valuable and should be reused and repurposed as often as possible in line with the ethos of a sustainable circular economy. Thanks to improved recycling technology, more and more new products can be created from packaging, as demonstrated by the discount retailer LIDL.
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Mask on the floor with a waste bin and a woman’s legs.

Hygienic disposal of masks


People are wearing masks around the globe. This means we’re also seeing more and more of them littering the streets and the environment all around the world. The packaging specialist Metsä Board has now ensured that there is a hygienic solution for disposing of used masks.
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LUVE chocolate dessert with an edible spoon

The Edible Spoon


Twice as tasty - chocolate dessert with an edible spoon. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Edible spoons made from by-products from food factories have been available on the fridge shelves at ALDI NORD and ALDI SÜD, the discount retailers, since October 2020.
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Photo: LUSH

Multi-use Gift Packaging


It’s far too pretty to throw away! Who hasn’t thought this when they’ve been presented with beautiful, high-quality gift packaging? Even your Grandma has probably given up on ironing wrapping paper by now, but many others have a new take on handling the concept of gift packaging with special care in this modern era too.
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Foto: Deutsche Post AG

What is conveyor technology 4.0?


Order a book or a coffee machine today and have it delivered tomorrow – no problem for e-commerce. However, keeping up this fast pace requires automated intralogistics systems and modern conveyor technology 4.0.
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Blue ALDI carrier bag

Alternatives to plastic bags and single-use plastic packaging


The European Union has resolved a multi-stage ban of single-use plastics from 2021 onwards. In Germany, the Federal Government finalised a ban on plastic bags in November 2019. And in Britain, customers are calling for carrier alternatives for their supermarket shopping.
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Robot’s face

Packaging 360 with cutting-edge technologies: a must for the packaging industry


The packaging industry goes digital: With 3D printing, Industry 4.0 and 24/7 online shipping. In order to meet customer demands 365 days a year and remain competitive, manufacturers now have to integrate innovative Packaging 360 solutions in their packaging products.
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Grafik: Messe Düsseldorf

Number of the Month: Packaging market USA


The US packaging market has a significant impact on the global industry. We take a closer look at the current status and coming trends from a global point of view.
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3D printer

Packaging 360 – how 3D printing uses old bottles


3D printing provides an all-round view from the start. Planned objects can be viewed from all sides, even whilst they are being made. However, when it comes to sustainability, this otherwise state-of-the-art technology is only just finding its feet.
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Tampon Book with tampons

The Tampon Book saves VAT


The Tampon Book breaks two taboos: On the one hand, it ensures that female menstruation is no longer only whispered about, and on the other it breaks with the tax rate of 19% that is usually charged for sanitary products.
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