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BGK GmbH Endlosband

Badenbergstr. 28, 89520 Heidenheim
Telephone +49 7321 96600
Fax +49 7321 966020

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  • 07  Machine parts, components, accessories
  • 07.02  Conveyors, conveyor elements

Our products

Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements


Being a customised solution, the BGK form-fill-seal toothed belt is not a standard belt. Instead, the wide range of possibilities it offers makes it perfectly adaptable to any application at any time, whether as the traditional red natural rubber version, as a yellow polyurethane belt or in blue silicone. The modular principle of the BGK MODULAR BELT KIT means that it can be tailored precisely to your specific operating conditions.

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Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements


The requirements made of conveyor belts in the food sector are dictated by the need for maximum cleanliness and food contact materials. Amongst other things, BGK ENDLESS BELTS are used wherever food is portioned into sales units, such as when cutting and packing meat and sausages, with dairy products or simply whenever a high level of process accuracy and reliability is called for.

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Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements


The BGK ROLLER COVER is fitted to pressing and feed rollers. The cover is pulled onto the roller or shaft like a jacket and can be individually adjusted to the task at hand by choosing a suitable coating. Covers can be pulled on and off rollers as desired, guaranteeing a sustainable solution.

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About us

Company details

Packing machines require drive, conveyor and pressing belts in many places. And the sheer variety of the products out there is matched only by the diverse and challenging requirements made of these belts.

On the one hand, for instance, they need to ensure stable running, high throughput and a long service life; on the other, they also have to offer the best possible surface properties for what are often sensitive products, e.g. an optimum level of hygiene when packing foodstuffs.

BGK has the perfect solution to this problem in the form of its belt kit for truly endless belts. The individual components in the kit allow properties to be tailored precisely to the specific application.

  • The carcass forms the “backbone” of the endless belt and determines characteristics including elasticity.
  • Coatings on one or both sides define other properties such as the coefficient of friction.
  • Treatments such as perforation, punching, slotting and milling or the addition of guiding profiles, cleats and ribs turn a flat belt into a speciality belt.

Only very few companies in the world possess the necessary technology to manufacture what we call a “truly endless belt”: a belt without any joins whatsoever. And this kind of endless belt offers many benefits, such as perfect power transmission without any structural weaknesses as well as even, smooth running. It is also extremely easy to maintain.

Armed with this expertise and its variable modular belt kit, BGK can produce innovative endless belts tailored precisely to the relevant application.

We would be happy to present them to you in person at our booth – or you can visit us now at

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