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iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Albert-Rosshaupter-Str. 53, 81369 München
Telephone +49 89 769091500
Fax +49 89 769091198

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  • 05.01  Gripper
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Engineering tools / project planning software

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Conveyors, conveyor elements

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Our products

Product category: Gripper

Grip Chains

Grip chains with wear-resistant, corrosion-proof clamping elements are used for gripping, pulling and transporting thin-walled materials with large surface areas. Sensitive materials such as plastic film packaging, thin sheet metal, plastics and other hard sheet materials require careful handling to prevent damage during transport, positioning, feeding, pulling in or out, stamping, welding, filling, laminating, cutting, stretching, forming or sealing.

iwis grip chains with clamping elements provide an optimal feed of materials.  The special pivoting gripper mechanism ensures high-precision handling and precise positioning of the conveyed material by secure clamping. Variable spring forces allow gentle clamping of a wide variety of materials. Chain and clamping elements are corrosion-protected, wear-resistant and treated with food-grade initial lubricant as standard.

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Product category: Gripper

iwis Spike chains for the thermoform industry

iwis Specialist Precision Conveyor Chains
Our conveyor chains are developed to suit customer specific requirements and applications. They can be manufactured using standard components or specially developed products. With this in mind we present our uniquely developed Thermoform chains which are used throughout the world, offering precision, quality and a distinctive longer lifetime of life in all thermoformed packaging applications.
iwis conveyor chains can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your application. iwis not only offers a wide range of special straight and bent attachment plates, we can also help customers develop their own special designs.

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Company news



01 Sep 2019

iwis presents the new CLA lubrication system for chain drives

Regular maintenance and lubrication are essential to ensure low wear and extend the service life of a chain drive. More than two thirds of all chain failures can be avoided with proper relubrication. Which was reason enough for Munich-based chain manufacturer iwis to extend its chain-related portfolio to include a new, service-oriented product: Thanks to the use of a special applicator, the new CLA lubrication system from iwis (CLA = Chain Lubrication Application) permanently delivers lubricant to the chain drive and other components – and in this way ensures a long chain service life economically, cleanly and with absolute precision.

When developing the new lubrication system for chain drives, iwis Engineering, the in-house R&D department, concentrated on maintenance – The objective was to extend the service life of the chain by ensuring that the chain is lubricated properly. And the result is a highly efficient minimum quantity lubrication system. The special applicator, which is made from a high-performance material, acts as a reservoir via which small quantities of lubricant are continuously delivered to the employed chain drive at the precise locations where it is actually needed. This prevents the operating roller chain from not being supplied with enough lubricant and also prevents unnecessarily large volumes of oil from being dispensed onto the chain and its environment. An environmentally friendly, "green" solution that also lowers costs and reduces the risk of contamination of plant equipment.

The CLA pumps can be operated separately with time control or can be simply integrated in the machine’s PLC. The compact size simplifies the task of retrofitting the device in existing plant and machinery. Thanks to a pump pressure of up to 70 bar, the distributors are able to supply as many as 16 lubrication points with sufficient oil without contaminating the environment and wasting valuable lubricant. The special applicators, which are made from PU foam, are extremely robust and are available in many variants, including custom designs.

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01 Jul 2019

The new b.triton high-performance roller chains from iwis

High-tech coating protects against corrosion and wear
Wherever chains are exposed to the effects of seawater, or subject to stringent cleaning requirements, materials with conventional coatings soon reach their technical limits: roller chains used in harbours, or applications in the food or building services industry, rapidly lose their wear- and corrosion-resistant properties. The new b.triton series from Munich-based chain manufacturer iwis – high-performance roller chains with an innovative combination of coatings – is the perfect product for use in harsh operating environments.

High-performance zinc flake technology is combined with a special surface treatment, ensuring that JWIS b.triton chains are more resistant to corrosion than comparable competitor products in the market, as shown by the results of standardised corrosion tests. The new roller chains are highly sustainable, so they are particularly environment-friendly, especially as they are made from RoHS-compliant materials and free from hexavalent chromium (CrVI).

The basis of the newly developed chains is the strength of carbon steel combined with special surface coatings. This technology means the chains are ideal for use in highly corrosive environments requiring the characteristically high fatigue strength and tensile strength of carbon steel chains. A particular feature of the special zinc flake coating is its extremely good adhesion to the base material, which guarantees reliable protection of the roller chain against corrosion – even under the toughest operating conditions. An additional salt spray test with chains already in operational use confirmed that the chain is reliably protected against corrosion.

Special coatings on bushes and pins reduce wear in JWIS b.triton chain bearings. Extruded bushes and rollers guarantee even better corrosion resistance, reduced run-in elongation and quieter chain running. The new lubricant “iwiDUR G”, which was specially developed for the applications in which b.triton chains are used, provides additional protection against wear and corrosion. As a result, JWIS b.triton chains can be used in a temperature range from -10 °C to +130 °C – which can be extended to 150 °C by using an alternative high-temperature lubricant.

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About us

Company portrait

iwis is one of the world’s leading companies in the industry and a globally active technology leader in the field of high-precision, top-quality chain drive systems for automotive and industrial applications. We are a development and system partner for the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the packaging, printing and food industries, and industrial conveying applications; we work as a team with our customers to develop new, powerful – or delicate, if necessary – solutions to meet every challenge.

iwis, founded in 1916 and now run by the fourth generation of the same family, employs a total of 2,014 people at 45 locations. The company headquarters is in Munich. iwis has a comprehensive brand portfolio that includes JWIS, ELITE, FLEXON, EUROCHAIN and ECOPLUS, as well as numerous successful product brands such as MEGAlife, CR, b.dry, CCM, iwidur or eliDUR, to name but a few.