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Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 12 65, 89539 Herbrechtingen
Alt-Ulmer-Str. 3, 89542 Herbrechtingen
Telephone +49 7324 150
Fax +49 7324 15280

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Handling technology
  • 05.02  Handling systems
  • 07  Machine parts, components, accessories
  • 07.02  Conveyors, conveyor elements

Our products

Product category: Handling systems

vffs timing belts

The pull-down timing belts are coated with high quality materials in a truly endless way, without seam or splice.
Specific Features:
• high functional reliability due to a high and consistent coefficient of friction
• high service life due to high wear resistance
• individual solutions possible by choice of different materials and almost unlimited special processing

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Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements

Silicone pressure rollers

The ESBAND silicone pressure rollers can be used to attach labels on uneven surfaces (e.g. ham) for example. When pressing the labels, adhesive residues may remain on the pressure rollers. Common solutions are castmolded parts, which cause high costs for castings when new developed parts and / or parts in new dimensions are needed. Therefore, the ESBAND Silicone Pressure Rollers are your individual and reliable alternative.

  • Food compatible material
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Easy to clean respectively dirt-repellent
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Individual dimensions and / or recesses possible
  • Small-batch productions without high costs for castings possible
  • Various material hardness
Areas of application:

  • Pressing / attaching labels in the food industry
  • Holding-down transport goods on inclined conveying lines

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Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements

Endless conveyor belts

What makes our conveyor belt special is that we give each one individually exactly the characteristics, the performance and the flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements. With our know-how gained from 50 years of Esband development and a broad spectrum of realised solutions, we are well equipped to take on any task: A very wide range of possible combinations of carrier material and coating open up the many and varied related areas of use, and enable customers’ individual wishes to be fulfilled – be it in paper handling, food transportation, weighing technology or in bulk goods and cargo applications. Of course, this also includes timing belts and multi-V belts.

 The right belt for your needs:

  • Whether with a high friction coefficient for good grip or a low friction coefficient for accumulation operation.
  • Whether for use as a vacuum belt or for running over blade edges.
  • Whether for applications with chemicals or extreme temperatures (-60° to +280°C).

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Product category: Conveyors, conveyor elements

Endless weighing belt

Esband brings weighing technology to peak perfection as our belts are truly homogeneous over their entire length (including weight), with exactly adapted coating and elongation characteristics, special surface finishes and low-friction covers on the running side.

Typical applications:
  • weighing devices for light-weight bulk materials and unit loads
  • dynamic weighing machines
  • blade edges
  • long-lasting
  • small bending radii

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Product category: Handling systems

Foam rollers

The ESBAND Foam Rollers are typically used in the cardboard production process, where they serve as downholder when piling cardboard. One shaft contains up to 40 rollers, which means that the rollers have to be lightweighted and also need to have a high coefficient of friction to cardboard. Rollers made of compact PU do not meet these requirements because of their weight. Therefore, the ESBAND Foam Rollers consist of a lightweighted foam core bonded with a wear resistant polyurethane coating.


  • High abrasion-resistant coating
  • High service life through significantly improved adhesion of the wear protection
  • Various colors possible, thus visual indication when wear protection is exhausted
  • Individual dimensions and / or recesses possible
  • Very low density
Areas of application:

  • Foam Rollers for paper / cardboard production
  • Various buffer or pressing applications with similar principles

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About us

Company details

Endless conveyor belts and process belts are the central point around which everything revolves at Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG: Under the “Esband” brand, we produce and sell drive belts, conveyor belts, special conveyors and tapes for the cigarette industry. The special aspect is that a unique production method guarantees products with an absolutely homogenous material quality.

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