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GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

Postfach 30, 74665 Ingelfingen
Fritz-Müller-Str. 6-8, 74653 Ingelfingen
Telephone +49 7940 1230
Fax +49 7940 123192

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Product category: Electrical drives (linear drives, servo drives), Pneumatic drives, Valves

Filling valve platform with PD design GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60

With the innovative filling valve platform, GEMÜ offers a unique solution for filling processes in hygienic and aseptic plants in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage industries, as well as for industrial processes and corrosive media. Particular attention has been given to the ever-increasing requirements for fluid filling applications in the course of its development. Just consider for a moment – what if …

…your filling process could be even faster?
The filling valves from the latest generation enable a very high number of switching cycles (over 10 million). Moreover, an opening and closing speed ten times higher than that of previous valves can be implemented (actuator speeds of up to 300 mm/s).

…your filling process could be even more flexible?
With the new filling valve platform, any desired filling curve and freely programmable filling speeds can be implemented over the filling time for adaptation to diverse media, container geometries, etc.

…your valve could handle any medium?
The GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60 filling valves have all been equipped with the PD design – a unique PTFE (TFMTM) sealing concept that enables a hermetic separation of medium flow and actuator with the aid of a cone diaphragm.

…your servicing took only a few seconds?
Thanks to the innovative cartridge spare parts system with Quick-Lock connection, servicing is easy, fast and optimized to prevent the occurrence of faults.

…your filling process could be even more precise?
The GEMÜ F60 motorized filling valve enable an extremely high positioning accuracy (up to approx. ±20 µm at 10 mm spindle pitch/rotation), with a repeatability of up to ±10 µm.

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Product category: Electrical drives (linear drives, servo drives), Pneumatic drives, Valves, Others

GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks

Combining functions in the smallest of spaces in one block offers even more advantages: The residual volume of media in the system is reduced in a measurable way, the flow is optimized and draining is improved. This enhances the performance capability of the entire system and reduces media consumption. Another advantage of blocks is that they provide junction points within plant. This allows easier cleaning and servicing. GEMÜ multi-port valve block systems are multi-functional units. At the same time, they have minimized the number of fittings and welded and solvent cemented joints, leading to a reduction in potential leakage points.

Customer benefits
Customized plant design
Extremely compact valve solution
Shorter installation times
System integration possible, e.g. sensor system
Increased plant reliability thanks to fewer connection points

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Product category: Electrical drives (linear drives, servo drives), Valves, Others

Electric, efficient, eSy – valves with new motorized eSy actuators

Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ is further expanding its product range of motorized diaphragm, globe and diaphragm globe valves.

For several years now, the processing industry has been increasingly looking for alternatives to pneumatic actuators. Electric valves are an option. These have particular appeal on account of their cost efficiency and performance. The reduced risk of contamination and the application in a wide variety of plants are also positives in favour of electrically operated valves. The valve manufacturer GEMÜ is responding to these customer requirements by further expanding its selection of motorized valves with the launch of the GEMÜ eSyLite, eSyStep and eSyDrive valves.
A low-cost plastic diaphragm valve for simple and cost-sensitive applications is available in the form of the GEMÜ R629 eSyLite. It constitutes a cost-effective alternative to solenoid valves made of plastic or motorized plastic ball valves.

The GEMÜ eSyStep valves are designed for standard open/close and simple control applications. With regard to the actuator, this is a compact spindle actuator with step motor. Via the interface in the housing cover, the valve can be extended with additional accessories such as diverse electrical position indicators or travel sensors to provide extra functions. GEMÜ eSyStep valves are available in globe valve, angle seat globe valve and diaphragm valve versions made of metal and plastic but adapting to M-block valves is also possible.

The GEMÜ eSyDrive valves are available for variable and complex open/close and control applications in conjunction with high requirements on performance and service life. The actuator is based on the hollow shaft principle. Both the Ethernet-based eSy-web interface, in conjunction with an integrated web server, and the Modbus-TCP communication interface, enable the exchange of parametrization and diagnostics data and the networking of several devices. If necessary, users can also benefit from a range of integrated functions such as stroke limiters and speed settings.

This provides customers with a wide product range of electric valves both for industrial processes and for applications with particularly high purity and hygiene requirements. With the different GEMÜ eSyLite, eSyStep and eSyDrive ranges, valve solutions are available for every price and function segment.

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Product category: Electrical drives (linear drives, servo drives), Pneumatic drives, Valves, Others

Digital identification and paperless documentation - Servicing of plant components with CONEXO

Whether it involves GMP-compliant production, optimization of maintenance intervals or fast supplementary orders of wearing parts: RFID technology provides completely new options for the digital identification of plant components, as well as the ability to electronically store, protect and process the associated information.

Increasing process reliability and system availability

With the CONEXO system:
All valves and components (bodies, actuators, diaphragms) are serialized. Even products from third-party suppliers can be integrated accordingly.
Full tracking and tracing are ensured.
Analysis of the servicing process is improved.
System components are valves and components which are equipped with an RFID chip, an RFID reading device and an IT infrastructure. The component listed last comprises the CONEXO app for mobile use as well as the CONEXO portal for stationary applications. The app is predominantly for recording and accessing data, while the portal implements central control, evaluation and monitoring.

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Product category: Electrical drives (linear drives, servo drives), Pneumatic drives, Valves, Others

GEMÜ diaphragm globe valves can be integrated into multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel

GEMÜ diaphragm globe valves can be integrated into multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel

With immediate effect, the valve specialist GEMÜ offers solutions for manufacturing diaphragm globe valves with PD design (Plug Diaphragm) as multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel in a reliable process.
Multi-port valve block made from stainless steel with the control valve GEMÜ 567 BioStar control and diaphragm valves GEMÜ 650 BioStar for dosing from a sterile loop and distribution across several outlets.
The focus is on the requirements for "hygienic design" and cost effective process-optimized manufacture. It is possible with immediate effect to configure multi-port valves with diaphragm globe valves on a case by case basis according to customer requirements. For instance, multi-port valve blocks with the control valve GEMÜ 567 BioStar control have already been designed for aseptic dosing from an ultra-pure water loop. Another example are filling blocks with the GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60 filling valves, developed in combination with auxiliary valves as a complete solution for gas control.
The integration of diaphragm globe valves in multi-port valve blocks combines the advantages of a valve block with those of PD design. This opens the door to new opportunities for plant operators, which GEMÜ can implement according to custom requirements.

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Company news




May 8, 2020

Surface technology

GEMÜ is continually investing in manufacturing capacity and expertise. The launch of the surface technology centre (OTZ) represents another ground-breaking step towards increasing the quality of our products even further.

Integrated production flow
- A wealth of surface technology expertise under one roof
- Expansion of automated surface processing
- Integration of electropolishing into the flow of goods

Customer benefits
Manufacturing premium-quality, corrosion-resistant surfaces is essential to numerous sectors, and the to pharmaceutical industry in particular. With the integrated production process, added capacity in the field of automated surface processing and short communication channels, GEMÜ is improving the quality of its stainless steel products. Other advantages:

- Greater consideration of individual requirements
- Optimized and transparent processes
- Improved tracking and tracing (RFID).

As an industrial company with its headquarters in the idyllic Kocher Valley, GEMÜ is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and towards future generations. This is why we employ environmentally friendly technologies such as:

- Energy-optimized drying systems
- Heat recovery through the use of a run-around coil system
- Fully automatic system and process control mechanisms that use fewer chemicals
- Wastewater reduction thanks to vacuum evaporation technology
- Minimization of rinsing water
- Coverage of our own electricity needs by a photovoltaic system

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About us

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The GEMÜ Group develops and manufactures valves, measurement and control systems for liquids, vapours and gases. GEMÜ is a global market leader when it comes to solutions for sterile applications.

The globally focused, independent family-owned enterprise was founded in 1964. In 2011, Gert Müller took over as Managing Partner together with his cousin Stephan Müller, becoming the second generation to run the company.  

The Group achieved a turnover of over €330 million in 2019 and currently employs over 1900 members of staff worldwide, over 1100 of whom are in Germany. They have six manufacturing locations: Germany, Switzerland and France, as well as China, Brazil and the USA. Their worldwide marketing is carried out across 27 subsidiaries, coordinated from Germany. Thanks to a large network of commercial partners, GEMÜ is now active in over 50 countries on all continents.  

Please visit for further information.

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